Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect on a first visit?

A first office visit is usually about an hour, but I would allow an hour and a half to be on the safe side.

While all visits vary, a typical first visit will include some brief history, hands-on work and potentially a homeopathic remedy.

Are your services covered by insurance?

We have found that in order to provide the best care for our patients we are not currently contracted with insurance companies. We can provide a Superbill upon request that you can submit to your insurance company. Office visits are $150. We except credit card and checks.

Do you offer sliding scale?

We offer a student rate and have a few sliding scale spots. Please contact us to learn more.

Do you offer Telemedicine?

No, we do not offer telemedicine at this time.

Are you a primary care provider?

As naturopathic doctors in Washington state, we can practice as primary care providers. However, if you are looking for a primary care provider Water and Stone Wellness may not be the right fit for you. We are happy to recommend other wonderful providers in the area.

Can you refill medications and run my yearly labs?

This sounds like you are looking for a primary care provider. If you would like help finding a provider, please let us know.